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Handmade Soap Recipes

Tiggy's Original Cold Process Handmade Soap Recipe - with tutorial

Tiggy's Original Cold Process Handmade Soap Recipe - with tutorial

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The absolute best soap recipe available on the internet!
In this downloadable file you will find my tried and trusted soap recipe that I have been using successfully for 14 years. It is the exact same recipe as I use in every YouTube video I make. This natural cold process soap recipe allows you enough time to do swirls if you wish, or you can leave it plain and simple. It's a simple formula with an additional superfat, which creates a bar soap with a rich, creamy lather that does not go mushy after use. 
My FuturePrimitive Soap customers come back to me time and time again, and the feedback I have received for this soap is what has held my company in high regard for years.
This is a base recipe given in percentages that you can adapt according to your mould size.
I have also given a sample recipe for making a French Lavender essential oil soap.
You can make whatever soap you like, however. Using this recipe as your base leaves you open to explore a world of possibilities! Any fragrance, any colour, and any botanical or additive of your choice. The list is endless.

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this document is the result of years of experience, and research by me, Antonia Fiander. Any deviation from this formula in either percentages or otherwise (eg ingredients) resulting in an undesirable result or effect is the sole responsibility of you the user.

If you intend to create soaps to sell using this recipe, and you live within the EU or the UK you will have to have a Cosmetics Safety Assessment to enable you to sell. This recipe does not cover you to sell this product. You must not create your soaps to sell without the assessment as you will be breaking the law.

Ingredients needed: coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, sodium hydroxide, water.
This is the basic ingredients list but more are needed to make the lavender soap as per the tutorial in the file.
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