Soap Making with Blackcurrant Liquorice fragrance oil from Scent Perfique

Soap Making with Blackcurrant Liquorice fragrance oil from Scent Perfique

Acceleration - no.

Discolouration – not that I’m aware of, but I’ve only ever used a dark purple mica for my base. However, this does not discolour through the mica at all.

Performance - perfect!

Tiggy's score out of 10 = 8

This fragrance oil smells just like the blackcurrant & liquorice sweets we get in the UK. The fragrance description from the Scent Perfique website states: An explosion of mouth-watering wild blackcurrants, tart Mediterranean citrus fruits and cassis leaves entwine and enliven the bittersweet notes of traditional black liquorice. To my nose, it really does smell just like the description. You certainly get the blackcurrant and the liquorice comes through pretty strong as well.

 In handmade soap it performs well and leaves you with plenty of time for fancy swirls if that’s what you wish to do. The scent retention is good and sticks around for a good number of months in my experience.

For this soap I used some Black Grape mica from Mica Moma, a little bit of titanium dioxide and a little Black Sparkle mica from The Soapery.

Would I buy this fragrance again? Absolutely. It’s a favourite of mine. I only make handmade soap with it once per year, but I would say that it would be a great seller year round, especially if you were to do a sweet themed range of soaps. It would also be good in whipped soap or in wax melts. Maybe a Halloween themed box would be good for this. It definitely gives me Autumn vibes.

I made this soap using my original recipe that you can find here:

The video for the making and cutting of this soap can be found here:

Blackcurrant Liquorice handmade soap with purple black and white swirl

Blackcurrant & Liquorice handmade soap on an antique wooden stool

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